Jenna Malvin, MSW


Hi there! Welcome to my page. My name is Jenna Malvin and I am a LMSW-CC. I am open to seeing children and adults. I have a background working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence as well as human trafficking. I also have experience working with groups and children. My interventions are informed by the Humanistic Theory, Object Relations, and Cognitive and Behavioral Theories.

Master of Social Work

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  • City: Bangor, ME
  • Degree: Master of Social Work
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My Brand

I love spending time outside and would love to bring both the physical and symbolic aspects of nature into my brand as a social worker. I want to be known as someone who brings the grounding and peaceful aspects of the forest into my therapy style. I want to give the impression that everyone who steps foot into my office is exactly where they are supposed to be and has a purpose and work to do. Nothing in nature stays the same all year, it has cycles and deaths and rebirths. Humans are a part of nature and therefore are always transforming and transitioning. I would like to bring that energy into my therapeutic style by honoring this state of transformation. I would also physically like to bring nature into my work as well as my work into nature. I would love to have a small herb garden in my office to give clients something to feel between their fingers and smell during grounding exercises. I would love to have clients garden as an activity that uses their hands and bodies as well as instilling a sense of accomplishment and mastery. Gardening would also positively impact their communities and provide symbolic lessons on reaping what you sow and planting seeds of positivity and growth. I would also love to facilitate nature walks for therapy sessions. I think walking is a form of bilateral movement that can make talking about and processing difficult things easier. I would ultimately love to facilitate some kind of wilderness retreat later on in my career.

Resume at a Glance


Jenna Malvin

  • Bangor, ME


Master of Social Work

2021 - 2022

University of Maine, Orono

I hold a Master’s degree from the University of Maine’s advanced generalist social work program. As part of this program, I completed a 500-hour clinical practicum.

Bachelor of Social Work


University of Maine, Orono

I hold a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Maine.

Professional Experience

Behavioral Health Center — Clinical Intern

2022 - 2023

Bangor, ME

  • Shadowed Clinical Social Workers in individual and group therapy settings
  • Facilitated dialectical behavioral therapy group for individuals seeking treatment for problematic sexual behavior
  • Facilitated the Sexual Abuse Family Education Group
  • Worked with children and adults
  • Shadowed and administered a variety of mental health and risk assessments

Courage LIVES — Case Manager/Outreach Coordinator

2020 - 2021

Bangor, ME

  • Provided case management services to group home residents as well as outreach clients
  • MHRT Certified
  • Managed 30+ outreach clients and helped them receive basic needs such as food, clothing, and funding
  • Developed community partnerships with other agencies to coordinate services
  • Attended regular training surrounding the complex topic of human trafficking
  • Ran educational groups for residents